Tuesday, March 9, 2010

No, really...

Can't we all play nicely in the sandbox?

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Jamie and I just returned from a weekend in Baltimore. Jamie went on business, so I tagged along. I got to see 5 of my Grandkids - Lana, Kevin, Isaac, Andy and Mason...whom I am not able to see very often, usually twice a year... which is not nearly enough!

So,here are some pictures from the weekend.

Cute, sweet Andy.

Kevin and Andy driving the grocery cart!

Steve and Ike

Here, Mason and Kevin having a chat!

Cute Mason who is 7 months old. I hadn't seen him since he was 1 month old.

We had a great time. We went to the Childrens Museum on Saturday and ate at McDonalds for lunch, which later, Steve and Kevin ended up getting sick... we think it was the chicken! No more McDonald chicken for us
"Lady Lana" Doug and Andy
Unfortunately several of us have come down with a 'stomach bug' the day after the museum.
But sick or not sick, it was a fun weekend!

Monday, September 28, 2009

Oops...sorry Linds

LindSAY and Steve.... Sorry Linds I spelled your name wrong! :~(( My mom still spells Jamies
name wrong after 32 years. I think it is my age...

Sunday, September 27, 2009

2 beautiful babies

This summer was great! We had 2 adorable additions to our family. Lindsey and Steve had a darling baby boy, "Mason Swint Bay". He was born June 20th, 2009. He looks just like his brother and Sister, Ike and Lana. I was able to spend a few days out there helping Lindsey while Steve went to scout camp. It was a lot of fun. Problem is, I don't get to see these kids very often, so the next time I see little Mason, he will not even look the same. Here are some pictures:

While there I was able to see Doug and Lee and their kids too. That is one of the pluses of having 2 kids in the same vicinity....well one airport. Doug and Lee and their two kids Kevin and Andy joined me and Lana and Ike one day up at the Strausborg train in Lancaster area, which we rode to a childrens farm. It was so much fun. The kids had a blast! Here are some pics of that:

Ike was so funny at the trains, he did not like it when the train itself whistled, he wouldn't say anything, he just would cover his ears. Lee bought all the kids their own train whistle which was much calmer on the ears. Here is Ike and Kevin being the cool farmers they are.

Even Doug and Lee joined in on the fun.

We also just had another addition to the family, Kristi and Jared had an adorable baby boy also. His name is "Reed Cameron Hamilton." He was born September 10th which is also his Grandpa's birthday ( Papa). So that was a nice treat. He was born after a long summer, of threatening to come at 30 weeks. Luckily Kristi was able to stay on bed rest until this little guy would be at a safe gestational age which was 36 weeks. But, I guess he finally decided that it was way too comfortable in his mothers womb and he was finally induced out at 39 weeks. He did kinda start on his own, but needed some encouraging. He was finally born and boy was Kristi and Jared glad. I think Jared was more relieved to have this baby here, than anyone. Here are a few pictures

Here is Kristi and Jared just moments before the birth. Kristi was going to try to have this baby natural... but, the pain was just too much and so she scrapped that idea! Smart woman!

Cameron was very alert as soon as he was born. It was fun, because he would just look around, checking things out.

The kids holding baby Cameron. Luc was all excited because he got to get out of school early to come to the hospital to see the baby.

That is all the babies right now, we are not expecting any other Grandkids at this time, but we suspect there will be a couple more coming in the next few years. So, we will enjoy those we have and look forward to more as they come.

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Blueberry Syrup and Waffles-YUM!

For my first step in being a better cook, I started off easy. I made yummy waffles and homemade blueberry syrup. Well it was Emeril LaGasse's recipe. It was the easiest thing ever and it was very yummy. Here are some pics.

The waffles were from Bisquick, and Emeril's Blueberry syrup was:(may have to write all this down, it is quite complicated!) haha
2 cups of light Karo Syrup
1 pint of blueberries.
Combine both ingredients in a saucepan and bring to boil. Let it cook for a couple of minutes and then take a potato masher and mash the blueberries. Keep warm until serving.
This picture was when the syrup was still really hot. It looks much better now in a container in the fridge, but still tasted yummy!
Hey -it's a start and if this is good enough for Emeril it is good enough for me.

Food glorious food....well sometimes.

I LOVE FOOD! So, you would think that after 32 years of being a wife and mother that I would have picked up some skill in the cooking field. I am addicted to the cooking shows on TV such as "Top Chef" and "Next Food Network Star". I love watching the Food Network channel and I love cookbooks. I am always picking a new one up at the store that catches my eye. So, you would think that I would be a great cook, chef, baker...but I'm not.

Last week at my son, Steve's house, I made one of Lindsays recipes. It was a chicken tortilla casserole It is a tasty casserole, one which she has made for us before, but for some reason when I made it, it was AWFUL! If it wasn't Sunday I would have ordered pizza after! Then last night, I made Chicken and Rice. I have made this many times, but last night it was dry and bland. Anyway, watching the "Next Food Network Star" has inspired me to put more effort into my cooking. I have to do it whether or not I like it, because I have a husband and right now kids and grandkids to feed- and it is embarrassing that I struggle with cooking a basic meal.

Melissa on Food Network Star, has inspired me. She is not a trained chef, she is a wife and mother who has turned a "chore" (as I see it) into a passion. We all have to eat so why not learn to love it and do it well. So, now that I am 50, entering a new decade, I am going to make an effort to try a new recipe a day. Breakfast, lunch or dinner- it's all free game. I will let you know what happens, and pass on good, easy recipes!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

memorial weekend pics

On Memorial weekend, Kristi and Jared and the kids came and visited. While there we celebrated Sami's 4th birthday which was on Memorial day.
We went swimming and to the Phoenix Childrens Science museum.

Here is Luc and Sami on her 4th birthday. We are at the Phoenix Childrens Science museum.

Tyler showing us how good "minute maid" is~!

Sami jumping into Kristi's arms

Lucas "walking on water" after he jumped off the wall.

Tyler Jumping off the wall into Kristi's arms
Kristi and Tyler

Tyler, Luc , Grandma Carol (me) and Sami