Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Update on puppy...

Well, it has been 4 days since the dog trainer came, 5 actually, but whose counting. Anyway, I must say I do see some improvement. Cody is much quieter in his pen, and doesn't nip as much. Still does some, but not nearly what he was doing. I think we just got a really crazy dog, with tons of personality, and cute to boot. I know a lot of people have puppies that are perfect from day one. This must be one of our trials!! haha....

I spoke with the breeder and she says that Cody's mom has pups like this, but they will eventually calm down. He will be a lot of fun, once we get him under control. For now, I must stick with the plan (today is a new day) and realize he is a dog, a puppy, and doesn't know better yet, he has no clue when I talk to him, what I am saying, except he knows his name. I have to treat him like a dog, not a human.

I am not giving up, although I would like to at times. He is sleeping better at night, but is an early riser. Once he is potty trained, I can just let him get up and roam while I go back to sleep. Can't wait for that!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Dog days, but help is on the way!

So, in the context of Lee's daily list of happenings, here is a list of my own morning routine, living with Cody.

1. Wake up at 5 to dog whining, take him out to pee-he does (have previously been up at 12 midnight and 3 am with dog).
2. Put puppy back in Crate
3. Try to go back to sleep
4. Fall asleep but wake back up at 6 am to dog whining
5. Lay there mumbling under my breath....use your imagination!
5. Finally get up at 6:10 am when dog howls louder
6. Take Cody out to pee... he does
7. Think Cody will control himself in the house running around bedroom-he doesn't he goes CRAZY!
8. Jumps up to bed and barks and bites at anything hanging over bed, including feet
9. Pick Cody up whilst getting nipped at constantly-feet, hands, hair, ears...
10. Put Cody in Pen in Kitchen
11.. Give him food and water
12. Take Cody out to pee-he does (7:30am)
13. Try to play with him,,,,more nipping toes, feet, hands, legs, pajamas, fingers, hair...etc.
14. Give up and put in Crate
15. Go hike for 1 hour --Yeah... free from puppy attack!
And the rest of the day continues, nips,bites,jumps,barks, pees, poops,nips,bites,jumps,barks,whines,poops ----which leads to shopping while dog is in crate!

After many days of this, I called a professional puppy trainer Kay, and she is coming tomorrow! Hallelujia!
I'll let you know what happens! Do your magic Kay!

Yep --you told me so Jen! But he sure is cute!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Puppy blues

So, it has been a little over two weeks since we picked up our puppy. I must say, I have probably hit every emotion since...excited, joyful, happy, frustrated, stressed, angry, melancholy, apathetic, pain, overwhelmed, elated, proud, tired, exhausted, ticked, incompetent, hopeful, discouraged, and today encouraged.

Having a puppy as all of you who have had puppies know, is not easy as you think. Sure they are cute and bouncy and fun, but they are a TON of work! It feels like I have a two year old and an infant all rolled into a ball of shedding fur! Getting up every two hours for potty breaks wears old after 2 weeks, but I am excited to say that Cody slept through the night the past two nights-YAHOO! I was beginning to think that I am too old for this, but I know I am not, and have a renewed hope that I can train this puppy.

I will post pics as soon as I find my camera battery charger so I can download on this new computer.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Cody Bay

We picked up our puppy on Saturday. He is 7 weeks old and is an English Springer Spaniel.
Here are some pictures:

Here is Cody, keeping cool in the bushes in the back yard, it was in the high 80's today, so it was a bit warm for him...and me.

Sweet face...although, a bit misleading, he is a feisty one!

Here he is just posing for the camera

Giving Jamie kisses!

Trying to stay cool.

From a distance he looks black and white,but he is actually mostly brown. He is what they call a "sable" color. He has a mixture of black and brown, and white.

He is fun, although he is a nipper...we are working on that though and I am determined to win! His personality is coming out, but I'm telling you what, he has an attitude! It will be interesting and a bit of a fight for the power! I feel like I have a new born and a 2 year old all at the same time!